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Curb Cancer

Don’t Fight Breast Cancer Alone

Maybe you’ve caught sight of the bright pink garbage cans parked out on the curb on garbage pickup day and wondered what they’re all about. Or you’ve just stumbled upon this website. Maybe you or a loved one have been diagnosed with breast cancer. And maybe you’re remembering a loved one. Whatever your situation might be, you’re not alone in the fight against breast cancer.

Kelly Melgard
Steve’s Sanitation

We’ve had people in our company struggle with cancer, and hospice has helped them out. We want to keep the money local because we are committed to helping the community. They don’t deny people, and we’ve had great experiences with them.

How the Pink Cart™ Works


Steve’s Sanitation buys the Pink Cart™


$5 of that goes to prevent breast cancer


Make a $25 donation to Steve's Sanitation for Hospice


Receive your Pink Cart™


Use it for a lifetime with us

We are proud to be part of the Kick Cancer to the Curb program, developed by Cascade Cart Solutions in collaboration with the American Cancer Society.

This program allows us to donate $5 to the American Cancer Society with every purchase of the Pink Cart™. These donations will be used in the fight against breast cancer while your Pink Cart™ offers a visible reminder to all cancer patients that we’re here for them. We’re fighting for them. We remember them.

The Pink Cart™
Helps the Community, Too

When you choose to join us in this Pink Cart™ program, you’ll also be supporting your community. To use the Pink Cart™, contribute a one-time $25 minimum donation to a local hospice service, but a larger donation is always welcome. You’ll be able to use this pink trash bin for the entire time you’re a customer with us.

Donations received will go to Hospice of the Red River Valley

Order Your Pink Cart™

Join us in the fight to fight breast cancer with a one-time donation of $25 for the Pink Cart™.

Join The Community

We’ve challenged ourselves to brighten up the streets with hope, encouragement, and solidarity.

Free-Will Donation

Your tax-deductible donation funds lifesaving research, education and care.