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Residential Services

Trash. What An Unpleasant Subject.

We all create it, and we all dread taking it out to the curb, or even scarier, recycling it. But we at Steve’s Sanitation make waste management easier for you with our trash pickup schedule, single stream recycling, and helpful information.

If you live in the Lakes Area year-round or even seasonally, we’ll take care of your garbage. We’re focused on serving each of our customers with the best at home trash and recycling services, no matter the size of your home. Our dedication to the industry has earned us the reputation of being fair, trustworthy, and always there when scheduled. Because so many residents tell their friends about our work, we’ve been constantly growing.

Brett Lynn Braaten
Facebook Review

We recently moved and had forgotten to bring our can to the curb on garbage day. But the amazing drivers walked up our driveway to grab it for us! Thank you SO so much!

Chris Humbeck
Residential Customer

Great company to do business with. The entire staff is dedicated to taking care of their customers. Highly recommend them!

Kaia Markovich
Residential Customer

Stacie and the team at Steve’s Sanitation are now the best part about being up at the cabin! They did me a huge favor by adding me into their route to pick up my fishing opener garbage. They have top quality customer service and the friendliest people. 100% will call them again. Thanks!

Bins & Trash Pickup

This is exactly what you think it is. We provide you with the garbage bin, you fill it up and bring it to your curb, and our garbage truck gobbles up the trash. To accommodate the size and habits of your household, you can choose from three different bin sizes. We offer this service in all our service areas: Anywhere between Lake Park, Osage, East Bluffton, and Battle Lake.

Trash Bin Size
Number of Residents
Number of Kitchen Size Bags
Pickup Schedule
38 gallon trash bin1-2 residents2-3 bags1 weekly trash pickup
65 gallon trash bin2-4 residents4-5 bags1 weekly trash pickup
95 gallon trash bin4-5 residents6-7 bags1 weekly trash pickup

Rural Waste Management

Certain rural areas we only visit every other week or every 4 weeks. We have other options to accomodate those schedule examples – larger cans, multiple cans, and dumpsters.

Please review the list of unacceptable waste before requesting our services.

Please note: Per Minnesota State law it is illegal to put ashes and yard waste in your garbage container.

Seasonal Yard Waste Disposal

Keep that lawn looking good. In the spring and summer, let us take your bagged lawn clippings. In the fall, let us take your bags of leaves. This service is offered to residents in Perham city limits through contract with the City of Perham every year on a weekly basis from April 1 through the first Wednesday of November.

City Wide Clean Up Schedule

We’ll take your broken, used, and unneeded items. Put the big items that you don’t want any more on the curb where you would put your trash bin, and we’ll do the rest. However, we hope you’ll donate any usable items to a local charity rather than throwing something away that still has value.

Check the schedule for the latest city-wide cleanup in your community.

  • Perham: TBD

Make Home Renovation Less Messy

Our roll-off services will turn your nightmare DIY remodeling project into a pleasant dream. You’ll still have to do the work, but we provide you with appropriately sized roll-off dumpster to contain the beast (debris).

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