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Roll-Off Services

For residents or businesses that generate a large amount of garbage, or for those planning a short-term improvement project, we suggest you use a roll-off dumpster. We carry just about every size of roll-off dumpsters (AKA demolition dumpsters) that you could need in Becker and Otter Tail Counties. A roll-off may be used to collect, transport, or recycle most non-hazardous waste from your residence or business.

How to Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster or Demolition Dumpster


Choose a Size

From yard clean-up projects to large-level waste generating businesses, you can depend on us to deliver the correctly sized roll-off dumpster to your site exactly when you need it.

  • 10 Cubic-Yard Container
    This dumpster is perfect for concrete and asphalt.
    Size: 8’x16’ x 2.5’
  • 20 Cubic-Yard Container
    Pick this size when you’re planning to re-shingle your roof or renovate a kitchen or bathroom.
    Size: 8’x20’x3.5’
  • 30 Cubic-Yard Container
    This heavy-duty roll-off is sized for contractors and for medium-sized home renovations. A larger demolition container is ideal for bigger demolition projects, which produce more debris and waste.
    Size: 8’x22’x5.5’


On the specified day, we’ll deliver the roll-off dumpster(s) to your home, business, or construction site with our specially equipped truck. Once there, we’ll just ‘roll off’ the container wherever it’s the most convenient for you.



This is the easiest step for you. Call us when your container is full or when your project is finished. We’ll drive to your site, roll the container back onto the truck, and haul it away with your waste. If you still have work to complete, we will deliver another demolition container upon request.

  • 10-Yard Container
    This container is 8’ x 16′ x 2 ½’
  • 20-Yard Container
    This container is 8’ x 20′ x 3 ½’
  • 30-Yard Container
    This container is 8’ x 22′ x 5 ½’

We offer hauling services for your own demolition container in the Detroit Lakes and Perham areas. Whether you’re a home contractor or a homeowner, we’ll deliver your container fast to help manage the large amount of debris and waste. Get a Free Quote.

Please view our Acceptable Demolition Waste PDF for guidance on what is allowed in your demolition roll-off dumpster.

There’s a lot of material you can and can’t throw into these containers—too many for us to list. Please review the list of unacceptable waste before requesting our services.

Minnesota State’s Law prohibits yard waste and ash from being dumped into a garbage container, making it hard to find a company to haul ash. We offer ash hauling services upon request. Get a Free Quote.

Please Remember: Keep it safe for everyone. Waste, debris, or ash must completely fit inside the dumpster. Anything that sticks out over the top of the container or hangs over the side may incur additional charges. Some materials, such as mattresses and box springs, will be charged extra. Be prepared by reviewing the list of acceptable waste.

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